Stroke and Parkinsons 12wk Exercise Programme (NHS commissioned)

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East Lancashire Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease exercise classes.

A 12 week exercise programme for East Lancashire, funded by the CCG and provided by Appetite for Wellbeing.

An assessment by Neuro Physio will be required prior to attending the classes. Assessments are available in Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn.

The classes run for an hour and a quarter and will be held in Burnley and Hyndburn. Through the programme we will be encouraging self-management for each condition and offering a progressive exercise programme to improve cardio-vascular fitness and general mobility. Due to the very different presentation of stroke and Parkinson’s, the classes will be condition specific in order to allow us to exercise attendees most appropriately. There will also be opportunity for each attendee to have one to one time with a neuro-physio and a counsellor.

Please contact Vicky Rayson on 07891 177619 or email with name and contact details.  Classes are due to start in Jan 2017.  Assessment are now available to book.

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