We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service and due to this we do not allow people to turn up on the day.  Before attending any of our services, please get in touch via text, phone, email so we can arrange a FREE initial triage appointment on the phone to discuss your needs.

What will this phone call entail?

During this conversation, we will be asking you for additional information regarding you and your current health, and what your goals are.  From this we will offer you a variety of options that fit your needs the best. 

What we won’t do

We do not have a sales pitch or try to hard sell.  It is important to us that you access what is appropriate for you, both medically and financially.  We are happy to explore these options without the pressure of having to sign up to anything.

If what you need is not what we offer, we can often recommend alternative services for you to access. 


Please see our payment options, the timetable and individual treatments to find out about the cost of classes and treatments.

If money is a barrier we invite you to contact us to discuss this.

In addition, we often have promotions, open days, so we would recommend joining our free quarterly newsletter. To do this, get in touch to let us know your email. Additionally, you can also follow us on Facebook to find out our latest news and promotions.

If you have any questions about any of the above, or would like to chat about your options, please contact us.