Self Management Course

Specifically designed progressive exercise and education course to increase your functional capacity, (fitness) whilst being closely monitored by your tutor.  This is a progressive class and will be increased weekly. (Assessment required to attend this class – cost £7 for 20min)

The course also includes an educational component giving you more knowledge on self managing your condition, and other aspects that may impact on your condition such as Nutrition, Anxiety/Depression.  This will be specifically planned at your assessment to ensure your needs from the course are met.

6wk programme for long term conditions incorporating:

  • Cost: £10 a week (£55 if paid in full in advance)
  • 2hr weekly session
  • Weekly educational sessions around long term conditions
  • Free Home Programme Guidance
  • Free Refreshment (beverages)

To learn more about your tutors running these classes, check out ‘The Team’

We are always looking for feedback, so if you are interested in us starting a specific class for your condition, let us know.