Appetite for the mind

At Appetite for Wellbeing, we believe in taking care of the mind as well as the body. And similarly to the body, sometimes more focus is needed when we are not well but we can also do a lot to take care of ourselves, and maintain a healthy mind.


Many of us have difficult times in life, or may struggle with particular feelings or simply feel that something doesn’t feel right. This is when counselling might be able to help.

Counselling gives the chance to speak to a person who will really listen and be with you in your experience. The counsellor will support you to feel safe and offer you a trusting relationship. This can allow you to really explore your feelings, thoughts, motivations and concerns, and by doing this you may feel more able to understand your internal world and become more aware of what is going on for you.

Counselling is not about judgement, about telling you what to do, or about making a diagnosis. It is a space for you to be you and to explore what matters to you. It is about being understood, and being supported to find your own way.

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Person-centred Counselling

There are many different approaches to counselling, and the counsellors based at Appetite for Wellbeing had their core training in Person-centred Counselling. The basic starting point of this approach is that every person has their own resources to grow and develop to their own potential in their own way, if given the supportive conditions to do so. Within this approach it is understood that often throughout life these conditions are not consistently available. Instead we can be faced with difficult situations and people may not treat us well. We may take on board messages from these experiences and from the influence of others which we live by, and this can cause us difficulty if they do not truly fit with our own core beliefs.

Counselling within the person-centred approach focuses on offering conditions which allow a person to reconnect with their true self, and hear their own voice. This means we can challenge the views that we hold, the ‘rules’ that we have created, and become more self-aware.

Our counsellor:

Vicky Rayson


Fees and Terms:

An initial session of approximately 40 minutes costs £15 – this is an opportunity to meet the counsellor and see if this feels right for you.

If you choose to start counselling, further sessions cost £35 per hour. We can offer sessions during the week, in the evening and on Saturdays.


Our sessions are held in our Treatment Room which offers a confidential, calm space. This has access by stairs or lift.

For further information please see our related pages and the FAQs – Counselling


Our relaxation classes are a chance to meet with other people in a friendly environment, to be supported into a relaxation and guided visualisation practice.  This is an opportunity both to learn relaxation techniques which you can then apply in your everyday life, and for personal development and increased self-awareness through the visualisation, which allows for some relaxed free-thinking time. This is something that you can do to take care of yourself and connect more with your thoughts and feelings.

The structure of relaxation classes is 45 minute classes running in 4 week blocks. Please enquire to find out when our next programme starts.


Mindfulness and Life Coaching

Throughout the year we offer regular opportunities to find out more about Mindfulness and Life coaching.

Our next event is a Mindfulness for Wellbeing Taster Session. This is taking place on Wednesday 14th February at 1.30pm-3.00pm at a cost of £5 per person. Please contact us for more information if you are interested or would like to know more.