COPD Exercise

COPD Exercise classes

These classes are a brand new opportunity, in partnership with British Lung Foundation, for anyone who has a diagnosed lung condition such as COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma to continue or start being active.

Classes are delivered by Vicky Rayson; an Exercise Specialist with over 10 years experience exercising people with respiratory conditions.

There are 3 levels of classes dependent on current fitness levels, and what sort of day you are on.
Should you find yourself struggling one week due to the weather, or generally just a bad day, you are very welcome to come to the lower level class. Vicky will be able to advise on this.

Classes: Every Tuesday at Unity Hall Wellbeing Centre, Vernon St, Nelson.

1.30pm Seated (30min) This class is entirely seated and ideal for those who are having a bad day, just out of hospital, or those who would like to be active but are apprehensive due to their breathlessness. You will also learn some breathing exercises whilst doing active relaxation to help manage your breathlessness. These can be practiced and used at home for relaxation.

2pm (30min) Social time in the lovely wellbeing cafe.
This is ideal opportunity to meet other people over a tea or coffee. There will also be opportunity to speak to Vicky if you have any queries regarding managing your lung condition, or any other circumstances that are affecting your health. Appetite for Wellbeing work closely with other organisations, and can therefore signpost to appropriate services if needed.

2.30pm Maintenance (30min) This class is a progression from the seated class.
Whilst the warm up is seated, you will be encouraged to stand for a proportion of the class to help increase your activity levels. You will also be given some strengthening exercises that you can continue to work on at home.

3.15pm Circuit (45min) This class is an ideal continuation if you have completed the NHS 6wk Pulmonary Rehab course, or are active in your day to day life.
This class will help increase your current fitness levels by gently challenging your stamina. Vicky will be on hand to guide you around managing your breathing, and pacing yourself through this class.


All the above classes cost £3 each for the first 12weeks, with a small increase after 12weeks.

Please ring Vicky on 01282 572571, to discuss your current health status and which class is most appropriate for you.