Seated Parkinson’s Class

Our Seated Parkinson’s is a low intensity exercise class. The aim is to improve movement and posture for people who have Parkinson’s Disease.

We are proud to offer this class that is supported by East Lancs Clinical Commissioning Group.

We start with a Parkinson’s-specific warm-up. Then, in a seated position, we work through a series of exercises, designed to improve posture and overall fitness. We also focus on specific coordination exercises to help improve cognitive function. We finish with a gentle cool-down and stretch to leave you feeling looser and more mobile. 

Parkinson’s often affects balance and dizziness, but don’t let this stop you. We can exercise seated. Helping to keep you safe is our priority, so please inform us of any changes to your health or any recent falls. Our experienced instructors work with you to be sure the exercise is at the right level for you.

This Seated Parkinson’s class is a great way to sustain better movement. You’ll also meet others who have the same condition. If you find the class is not challenging enough for you, you might be interested in our Parkinson’s Circuit Class.

As we work closely with NHS East Lancs Parkinson’s nurses and Parkinson’s UK, we can advise when it is appropriate to contact them.

If you find you have more questions that you would like to discuss confidentially, we offer a 1-to-1 with our Holistic Health Practitioner who has 20 years working in the health field and is a qualified counsellor.

This is a 1 butterfly class, so it’s at a low intensity level.

Please contact us to find out when the next block of these classes starts.

Seated Parkinson's Lancashire exercise with ball