Healthy Heart Circuit Class

Our healthy heart circuit class is a great workout to increase stamina, tone up and look after you heart.

This class is designed to help improve your overall fitness and stamina. With regular exercise at the appropriate intensity, exercise is proven to have some great benefits. In particular, exercise is great for your heart health and contributes to reducing blood pressure and weight. It also releases those feel-good hormones, plus much more. As there is no floor work, this class is suitable if you have a few health problems and are worried about getting up and down from the floor.

We start the healthy heart circuit class with a standing warm-up. A series of exercise stations follow, designed to strengthen and work each body part to gain that full body fitness. We finish with a gentle standing cool-down and stretches.

You’ll use a variety of equipment during the class. This includes an exercise bike, weights and balance boards which we will gently increase to keep you progressing.

Our experienced instructors will work with you to individualise the circuit and keep you exercising at the right level for you. As we keep classes small, you can let us know of your personal goals and we can support you to achieve them.

This is a 2 butterfly class, so it’s at a moderate intensity level.

Healthy heart circuit Nelson
10:30-11:30 Healthy Heart Circuit Class Healthy Heart Circuit