Fit and Functional Class

Our fit and functional class is a predominantly seated class, designed to help you to improve strength and stamina.

This class is ideal for you if you are:

  • affected by balance or dizziness
  • a little unsteady on your feet from a fall or recent hospital admission
  • living with pain such as arthritis

The fit and functional class includes functional exercises to support you to perform your daily activities more easily. We start with a gentle warm up of your joints. We follow this with some rhythmical moment to help with your circulation and seated postural work that can be practiced at home. Plus, we do specific leg strengthening work to help aid you getting out and about outside or in the home.

As is the case in all of our classes, your instructors will support you to be challenged and progress. As you improve, you might be able to attend the next level class. We will monitor you weekly and will advise about the best way forward for you personally. 

Additionally, our experienced instructors can offer one-to-ones to give you additional support. If you’re anxious about getting started, having flare ups, or want to progress to standing exercise, one-to-ones would give you the opportunity to do more.

This is a 1 butterfly class, so it’s at a low intensity level.

Please contact us to find out when the next block of these classes is starting.

Fit and functional class in Nelson