Exercise Class for Stroke

This is a seated exercise class for stroke survivors to work to improve mobility.

A stroke can affect you in many different ways, so before you start this class, we will complete an initial assessment with you. From this, we can determine whether the class is at an appropriate level for you. 

Our exercise class for stroke offers you an opportunity to be in a small class environment performing stroke-specific exercises. As it’s seated, if you have physical/mobility limitations, this class will be more suited to your needs.

If your stroke has had other effects where standing exercises may be more beneficial, please contact us to discuss further.  Our instructors have knowledge and experience in working with strokes in all classes and you may benefit from a non-stroke specific class.

As always, we take each person as an individual and will assess the most appropriate treatment/class for you together.

Stroke Exercise in Lancashire
11:30-12:15 Exercise Class for Stroke Seated class for stroke survivors