Breathlessness Circuit Class – COPD

Our breathlessness circuit class offers exercises to develop your fitness if you have a condition which causes breathing difficulties.

This class is ideal for you if you’ve been affected by illnesses, including Covid-19, COPD, Emphysema or Bronchitis which have left you with increased breathlessness.

We are proud to offer this class across East Lancashire that is supported by East Lancs Clinical Commissioning Group and British Lung Foundation.

We start the breathlessness circuit with a standing warm-up. Then, we work through a series of exercises designed to challenge your fitness and endurance, such as Cycling, Step-ups and Squats.  We’ve specifically designed the class to get your heart rate up and your muscles stronger. 

Your breathing rate will increase during this class which can be daunting, but don’t worry.  Our experienced staff will monitor and coach you in managing your breathlessness. They will help you to learn the correct pace to exercise and to better understand the effects of COPD. This will enable you to progress without becoming severely out of breath, and give you the confidence to be active independently. The class is an ideal opportunity to push yourselves, knowing you have the expertise at hand to monitor you. We’ll guide you through the correct training level for you individually.

We finish this class with a standing cool-down and stretches ensuring you leave us with a calm, relaxed breathing pattern. 

If you are unable to access our class at Nelson, get in touch as we do have other sessions running across East Lancashire such as Accrington and Burnley.

Additional Support for Breathlessness

We work closely with East Lancashire Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team, and therefore can continue your fitness journey on completion of the 6 week course. However, if you found the Pulmonary Rehab 6 week course too challenging, please view our Less Huff and Puff class. If you are awaiting to begin your Pulmonary Rehabilitation course, get in touch and start with us now.

Many conditions linked to breathlessness can have an emotional impact on the person, often causing anxiety and panic attacks. In addition to the exercise class, you may be interested in 1-to-1 support from our Holistic Health Practitioner, who has 20 years of experience working in the health field and is a qualified counsellor.

This is a 2 butterfly class, so it’s at a moderate intensity level.

Breathlessness Circuit