Balance and Strength Training for the Active Person

Our balance and strength training class is an intermediate class to challenge your balance and develop your strength.

Within this class you will be challenged, and your balance will be tested in various ways. The exercises help to improve coordination, reduce reaction times and gain stronger bones. This will give you more confidence when you are out walking and being active. We focus on specific strength work throughout the class, so expect to be worked hard!

All exercises are performed in a standing position. We often use equipment such as a wobble board to create additional instability, and to mimic uneven floors when out in the real world.  Anything we practice in a safe environment will transfer into your day-to-day life.

Before starting this class you will undertake a balance test. This is to ensure you are safe to attend, and the class is the right level for you.  We can provide a one-to-one balance and strength session if you do not meet the criteria to attend the class.

This is a 2 butterfly class, so it’s at a moderate intensity level.

Please ask for the next start date for this class.

Balance and strength training for the active person in Nelson