Personal Training for Fitness

Personal Training for Fitness is a chance for you to work one-to-one with our exercise specialist, to improve and build fitness.

Booking a one-to-one is an ideal opportunity if you:

  • want a personal session where we can help motivate you
  • are working towards a specific goal
  • are recovering from injury and need a more tailored approach
  • don’t like exercising in groups
  • can’t attend classes because times don’t fit your lifestyle

At our Nelson based centre, we have No Mirrors, No Scales, No Judgment. So however you’re feeling about your current health and fitness, don’t worry! We listen to your needs and work with you.

Prior to starting. we will have an initial consultation over the phone to discuss your individual goals, then you can leave it all to us.

We will plan, observe, modify, progress and correct your exercises. We’ll keep it fun and relaxed but help you to push yourself to achieve more.

One-to-ones are an opportunity to have our undivided attention. For some, a weekly one-to-one is ideal. Others prefer to attend regular classes with occasional one-to-ones to keep that focus. We’re happy to work with you and whatever works for you!


  • 30 minutes: £20
  • 45 minutes: £28
  • 1 hour (including 10mins mini treatment): £35
  • 1 hour (including 20mins mini treatment): £40

Online sessions now also available, just get in touch for more information.

As a monthly member, you will receive a discount for one to ones.

If you’d like to find out more or book in a personal training for fitness session, contact us to discuss your needs.

Personal Training for Fitness at Appetite for Wellbeing in Nelson, Lancashire