Guided Meditation is a simple yet effective way to meditate. Some people find it difficult to meditate and guided meditation allows you to master the technique step-by-step. A narrator will guide you through your experience. Working in partnership with Oracle Wellness, our guided meditation sessions bring rest, relaxation and stress relief.

Each guided meditation session is different. Incorporated within them, a personal journey, sounds and scents transport you to a relaxing paradise, whether it be a relaxing walk in the forest mountains, or a trip to the clouds above. Allow yourself to be free of stresses and anxieties and focus only on you and your wellbeing.

We offer Guided Meditation in small group sessions or individual bespoke sessions.


  • Group Session – (Maximum of 6 per class) – £8
  • Individual Bespoke Session – £25

If you’re interested in our next group session, or would like to enquire about an individual session, please contact us.

Meditation at Appetite for Wellbeing in Nelson