Swedish Massage for Muscle Tension

This is more focused, working on generalised muscle tension and work activities, e.g. posture difficulties. Different focus areas can be chosen to work on.

Massage for Relaxation

This aims not to treat specific problem areas, but to work towards overall wellbeing and relaxation. Options are full body or simply back, neck & shoulders. Reiki can be added for additional relaxation throughout the massage.

What to expect

Vicky Rayson is our fully qualified massage therapist, so she will discuss your needs with you. She’ll also be able to give you more information about the specifics of your appointment, dependent on your needs.

We can tailor your treatment by combining other therapies such as Reiki or essential oils. Whether for stress release, to help with sleep, or general muscular tension we can create a perfect treatment for you.

Get in touch and let us help to plan the perfect treatment.


  • 25 minutes: £27
  • 30 minutes: £30
  • 45 minutes: £40
  • 60 minutes: £45
  • 75 minutes: £52
Massage at Appetite for Wellbeing in Nelson