Light Circuit Training

If you are fairly new to circuit classes, and worry you’d not be able to manage a ‘typical’ circuit class, then our Light Circuit training is ideal for you.

This is a cardio and conditioning class. Using small weights/equipment, steps and your own body weight, we’ll get that heart pumping.

We begin with a standing warm up, then you complete a set of timed exercises designed so you achieve a full body workout. We finish with a standing cool down followed by stretching.

Our instructor has a Personal Training background. This means that if you find the session becoming easier, you can expect to be given a more difficult exercise!

You will monitored throughout light circuit training. If you have any niggles, for example in your back, shoulder etc, just let us know at the start, so that we can adapt the session accordingly.

If you would like a one-to-one personal training session, get in touch, as these can be arranged at varying venues.

Make sure you bring some water with you as you will be challenged within this class.

This is a 2 butterfly class meaning it is moderate intensity.

If you’re interested in the class, contact us to find out when it is next running.

Light Circuit class at Nelson