Core for Beginners

Core for Beginners is a 6 week course. This is ideal for those wanting to start to develop core strength.

This class is similar in nature to Pilates, as it is a low impact class working to improve core strength and stability, posture and flexibility. It will help to tone your abs and strengthen your back.

This is a beginner class, so we’ll teach you about correct alignment before commencing any exercises.  The focus of the class is to teach you how to engage your core correctly so you can use this knowledge in other areas of your life.

Core for Beginners involves a slow pace and controlled movement, so clients often report feeling more relaxed when they leave.  Don’t be fooled that the slow pace means the class is easy.  You will realise that slowing exercises down can mean you will be working harder as it focuses on muscle control throughout the movement.

This class is mat based, so you will need to be able to get up and down from the floor independently. 

Please note: Although this class will help strengthen your back, please be aware that we do not treat back injuries.  We work closely with other professionals and the NHS, and we will signpost you to these services if required before commencing the class.

As always, if you are new to our services, please contact us to discuss your current health, as an initial assessment may be required to ensure you are accessing the right class of your health and goals.

This is a 2 butterfly class, meaning it is medium intensity.

Cost £48

As a monthly member, you will receive priority on booking on this course.

If this sounds like its for you, contact us to discuss the class or to book a place.

Core for beginners at Nelson, Lancashire