Beginner’s Circuit Class

The Beginner’s Circuit class is great exercise at a level that suits you, to start to develop strength and resilience.

Are you new to exercise or worry about joining a standing circuit class?

This class gives you the opportunity to perform all exercises standing or seated with the support and advice of our experienced staff.  We gently challenge you to help you improve your current fitness levels.

We start the beginner’s circuit class with a seated warm-up for your joints. Then we begin the circuit, designed to enhance muscle strength and improve your stamina. Each exercise can be progressed using small weights.  There is a seated option available at each station, so you can perform the class at your own pace. Our experienced instructor is on hand to support and challenge you. We finish the class with a gentle seated cool-down and stretch to ensure you are relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.

This is a 1 butterfly class, so it’s at a low intensity level.

Beginners Circuit Class in Lancashire