Trigger Point Massage

£30 for 30mins or £45 for mins

What Can it Do For Me?

Massage is a form of therapeutic touch that involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues – muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to create better health and wellbeing.

It is used to help relieve long term back and neck problems, to help sustain muscle function and range of movement in order to advance in your sport, to improve circulation and sleep, reduce tension and help recovery from injury.  It can be useful to maintain muscle health and lessen pain for those with Parkinson’s Disease and can help reduce the pain felt from high tone muscles found following stroke.

If appropriate you may be given exercises in order to maximise the results of the massage. If you are working towards an exercise goal think about using massage as part of your training to help keep your muscles healthy and working well.

I learnt massage as part of my physiotherapy degree .  After completing my degree I took part in a course run by the Chartered Physiotherapist in Massage and Soft Tissue Therapies special interest group. There I honed the techniques I had begun to develop as a newly qualified physiotherapist.

The type of massage I do now is a mixture of techniques I have learnt in my 14 years as a physiotherapist.  As a basis I use massage strokes to warm up the muscles starting with large sweeping movements becoming gradually smaller and more muscle specific, working deeper and deeper to release tension.  I then use trigger point release techniques to target specific tension points that remain.

These trigger points are caused by muscle fibres becoming sticky and preventing smooth contraction and relaxation of the muscle.  They can cause pain at the trigger point site or can refer pain into other areas.  The release of these trigger points allows muscles to lengthen and work more effectively.  Trigger point massage involves using the fingers or knuckles to compress muscle knots for 10-30 seconds in order to release stored toxins and allow the muscle to release the spasm.  This can be painful in the short term but is very useful for releasing long held tension.

What Can I Expect From My Session?

  • Your first massage session will involve answering some questions to establish the reason for your massage and ensure it is safe for you to be massaged.  We will discuss a comfortable massage position and which type of massage lotion is appropriate.  This session may last up to an hour with the massage itself lasting 30 mins (back neck and shoulder or legs).  All further sessions will last up to 45 mins with the massage itself lasting 30 mins. If you would like full body massage, this will cost £45 for 45mins. Please state on booking your preference.
  • Trigger point massage can be uncomfortable during treatment.  I will always ask how you feel while using this technique so I can gauge how much of this technique to use.  If you prefer to have a more gentle massage please ask.
  • If you are receiving a back or neck massage you will be required to remove your upper body clothing. If you are receiving a leg massage you will be required to remove your lower body outerwear.  You may wish to wear shorts.  You will be covered with a towel to maintain your dignity.
  • I use a massage table covered in towels, and pillows to ensure you are in a comfortable position throughout the massage.  If you struggle to lie flat we can modify your position and if necessary work with you in sitting, supported with pillows so you can relax.
  • Please ensure you drink plenty of fluids after your massage as this helps your body deal with the after effects of muscle work.  You may feel gently relaxed or tired after a massage, this is normal and should pass.

Debbie Olujic is our physiotherapist offering Trigger Point Massage. Get in touch with Debbie on 07533 743134 if you’d like to find out more or to book an appointment.